3 wks ago i did my BC after 10mos. transitioning. how long until curls settle & are not dry

i read that curls dont settle for awhile after BC and in the meantime they are dry. i just use alot of leave in conditioner and just seal with oil and i shingle it. i feel like its the best way to get definition instead of it just staying dry and frizzy. any products ive experimented with just make my hair feel hard and dry so i just stick with conditioner for now. its been 3 weeks. is it always going to be like this or do the curls really settle and form instead of just having a dry frizzy ball?

1 Answer

trial and error is the only way to go. The leave in you're using may not be the best thing for your hair. Try a hot oil treatment before you wash and a good deep conditioner to install moisture. You may also need something heavier than an oil to seal. Try a butter and try different combinations of products and don't be surprised if you need a silicone based product to help retain moisture longer