3B curly pixie?

Ive wanted a pixie for AGES but i have really curly shoulder length 3b curls, im afraid that itll turn into an afro of somesort, and that wouldnt look to good on me ill include a picture of my hair and the pixie i WANT not necessarily what my curls would do (sadly) i know to go to a "curl friendly stylist" and all that im just REALLY nervous about it cuz im afraid itll poof out, thanks so much

1 Answer

Your curls are quite fabulous. The hair texture of the girl in your inspirational photo looks completely different from yours. In order to achieve that look you would have to straighten your hair. The Pixie cut looks like it was manipulated with heat styling tools. The model probably has more of a naturally wavy hair pattern than curly. If you cut your hair shorter your curls will become more pronounced because you will be taking away the weight. I have attached an image that is closer to what your hair may look like if you cut it short.