3B hair (transitioning) plus size woman, think I need to do the chop but nervous- help!

HAIR HELP!!!Tldr: I need examples of natural, curly short hair (on a plus size woman preferably)So, I had a conversation tonight with a friend about my hair. We always tend to talk about my hair- she's black and I am white, but I have hair very similar to black hair. (We always joke that she wants me to do a DNA ancestry test to find out which ancestor of mine is black haha)ANYWAY we basically got to the conclusion that my hair is so damaged that really, I need to just cut it off. And like, short. Because right now, it's just a puff ball and it keeps breaking. There's a whole layer of hair that is broken- it's like 2inches long and it looks like it was just cut. My curl pattern is similar to a 3b I think, but only from my roots till like my eyebrow. The rest has been through so much relaxing and processing throughout my life that it's just like, a frizzy sort of straight curl thing. It needs to go. I don't remember when I last had it relaxed, so I don't know how long it's been in transition.Part of me thinks it would be exciting to get a short hair cut but the other side of me is scared that I'll look horrible, that I'll look ugly and manly, that I'll look fatter. I can't even find a short hairstyle that would work for me, so that's where I could use some help!Show me pics of short, curly (not fake curled- like actual natural curly hair) preferably on plus size women!!!Also, if anyone has advice on taking care of my hair better too!

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