3B hair (transitioning) plus size woman, think I need to do the chop but nervous- help!

HAIR HELP!!!Tldr: I need examples of natural, curly short hair (on a plus size woman preferably)So, I had a conversation tonight with a friend about my hair. We always tend to talk about my hair- she's black and I am white, but I have hair very similar to black hair. (We always joke that she wants me to do a DNA ancestry test to find out which ancestor of mine is black haha)ANYWAY we basically got to the conclusion that my hair is so damaged that really, I need to just cut it off. And like, short. Because right now, it's just a puff ball and it keeps breaking. There's a whole layer of hair that is broken- it's like 2inches long and it looks like it was just cut. My curl pattern is similar to a 3b I think, but only from my roots till like my eyebrow. The rest has been through so much relaxing and processing throughout my life that it's just like, a frizzy sort of straight curl thing. It needs to go. I don't remember when I last had it relaxed, so I don't know how long it's been in transition.Part of me thinks it would be exciting to get a short hair cut but the other side of me is scared that I'll look horrible, that I'll look ugly and manly, that I'll look fatter. I can't even find a short hairstyle that would work for me, so that's where I could use some help!Show me pics of short, curly (not fake curled- like actual natural curly hair) preferably on plus size women!!!Also, if anyone has advice on taking care of my hair better too!

2 Answers

you will definitely need to cut at least a few inches off. But honestly you have so much volume to your hair that you could totally rock a short afroish like cute and it would look GREAT! Out of curiosity what kind of products do you use, and what is your porrsity? you might be able to correct some of what your seeing with different kinds of products.
Your hair looks 3a to me but i'm not sure i'm probably wrong