advice about 2c/3a hair cut (awful photo attached)

Hairdressers always tell me to grow my hair and grow it so the weight will control it or something, but I'm so bored of my hair and I want a change. I have maybe 2c to 3a hair depending on the day, and it is currently mid-back length with weird shelfy layers because of my stylist won't listen to me. I really want to get about 4/5 inches cut off so that is just below my collar bone, but I need advice about whether this will look good, and how to actually convince my stylist to cut it how I want... Thank you and sorry for really long question. x (sorry the photo is so bad, but you can see my hair so that's good)

1 Answer

I know how that feels. I cut my hair too 3 years ago for the same reason reason, I was bored with it. I have 3A hair now but at the time it was about 2C and I cut it about shoulder length when it was at my mid back. From my own personal experience, it was REALLY bad. My curls were really weird and I COULD NOT control them. My hair got really frizzy really easily and it was just really hard to maintain. My advice for you is to really ask your stylist what cuts she/he thinks would go good with your hair type. Also, it sounds like your stylist hasn't been listening to you, which is really important,  so maybe try and find a different stylist. Also google really does help. google some hair cuts for your hair type and look at google images, if you like one maybe show your stylist and see if it would work for you. If you get the haircut and end up hating it like I did, then you can't do anything than to let it grow out. Anyway, thats all the advice I have for you, hope it helps!!!