Any advice on the big chop?

So I'm deciding to do the big chop on Tuesday, and I'm scared of what it will look like, I used to have long hair from Pre-k - high school, I decided to change my hair up and do a Rihanna bob , after perming my hair after the years my hair started to fall out, and from getting sew ins, I would cut some of my hair, so the result now is that my hair is very damaged and very uneven, im 5 months without a perm, and I do now have some natural curls in some areas, but they have permed ends, it's ugly!! I'm afraid to do the big chop, because I don't want my hair to be too short when I go get it cut on Tuesday, but I cannot do this half curly half frizz thing!  Any advice??

2 Answers

Be very careful, do not cut too much of you hair off. When I say this I mean do not cut the curly hair. Once you big chop it will grow back with the right hair care unless you have some sort of condition in which it won't. In my personal experience when I cut my hair I felt ugly cuz it was the first time I ever big chopped and I also had long silky relaxed hair . When I first decided to go natural I began taking care of my hair ( washing at least once every week oiling my scalp when needed and not putting any heat on my hair.) You can either cut if all off and go completely natural or you can get a slight cut and gradually trim as time passes. When taking care of natural hair and relaxed dead ends you have to make sure that you take care of the relaxed ends make sure they are not too oily and not too dry. If you don't it can cause further damage and split ends. With all this being said good luck.
If you are scared to big chop, you may continue to slowly trim the end until you are confident about the length. You can do some curly, transitioning styles (braid-outs: braid your hair and then take it out when dry for a curly look; roller sets...use youtube tutorials as a guide :) while you still have some length.Transitioning and hair care info: hope that helps!