Bad haircut changed my curl type?

I'm literally brand new to this site; just found it today after getting a terrible haircut a week ago.I have Type 3A hair and I always had wild curls everywhere,took perfect care of it (even before finding what to do on this heaven sent site) and it was really, really thick and almost to the middle of my back.For some reason I wanted to go short; I mean really short. A little lower than my ears.My hairdresser completely botched it up; the layers aren't right at all. It's like I have two rows of hair: one that stops below my ears and the other that's just a straight line above my ears. Think like having hair all the same length and then only cutting the top layer off with a bowl (hope that makes sense) I am mortified. And to make matters worse, the under layer of my hair is no longer curling as well as it used to.What went wrong?! The woman didn't seem to know much about curly hair. Before finding this site, I didn't know you had to go to someone that new specifically how to properly cut curly hair.This woman soaked my hair, and brushed it with one of those thin picks used for straight hair. I could feel hair breaking.I don't have a photo because I'm so embarrassed by it and I can't take one that shows it properly. My hair is really dark.Please help! My curly hair was the one asset I loved about myself!

3 Answers

I would go to a hairdressers and get it fixed, maybe even go complain to the one you went to. Good luck!
I've had so many bad hair cuts that I just interview stylists first before I let them get the scissors out. If they have a problem with doing a "consultation" before doing an actual hair cut well, that's just another red flag for me! I'm sorry you got a bad cut, maybe you could find someone using the directory they have on here? Curl Salons
yes, please go see a stylist that understands curls. There may be a way to layer it more.  Best of luck!