Bad Haircut remedies

Does anyone have remedies that I can do with my hair to help with a bad cut. How can I get it to grow out faster? How should I wash it? I have 2b hair

1 Answer

Hi Jamie Paige, That's a tough one. There's no magic trick to growing hair faster, but my best advice to you is avoid any heat whatsoever while you're trying to grow your hair out. No flat irons, blow dryers, diffusers or curl wands. For about 2 months, follow best practices for wavy hair and let your hair grow out naturally. You'll see if grow super fast. Here are some healthy things to do: 1. Wash with sulfate free shampoo - CurlMart has lots to offer in that department, but my favorites are Elucence, U R Curly, and Jessicurl. Be sure to get something gentle, not a clarifyer!2. Wash your hair less frequently. Try to get it down to 2x a week, gradually. 3. Use a light conditioner that won't weigh down your waves and cause major buildup. That means shop for a conditioner that is silicone free. My favorite is MopTop Daily Conditioner, U R Curly Conditioner, and CURLS Coconut Sublime. You can find them all on my page. 4. Give yourself scalp massages. I wouldn't rub oil on your scalp, cause that could lead to greasiness and your hair looks very fine. But use your fingertips and massage your scalp in circular motions, that will help increase the circulation in your scalp and help your hair grow. As far as the "bad haircut" try not to worry too much. Your hair will grow in 6 weeks and you'll notice a difference. In the mean time, DON'T brush your hair. Instead, use your fingers to detangle in the shower and that's it! You'll notice wavier hair, which will help to mask the "bad haircut." ;-) Good luck!