Has anyone done their own BC?

I'm planning on doing a big chop in the near future. I've been using henna to cover my gray hair and want to stop. I already know I'll be impatient with having two colors in my hair, so once it's grown out about an inch, I plan on using clippers and a guide comb to do the big chop myself. However, it seems like the "normal" thing most people do is get their big chop done at a salon. My mom is freaking out about me doing it myself also. However, as we all have gone through, I'm sure, the multiple bad hair cuts I've had in my life continue to haunt me. I currently don't have a regular stylist as the one I was seeing before moved away. Although I've tried a couple of new stylists, I wasn't particularly pleased with my experience with either of them. They weren't terrible, but they weren't good either. We are moving next summer anyway. The big chop seems pretty easy to do, and we have very nice clippers at home, with blades that are plenty sharp and well-maintained. I just can't see paying $45-50+ for something I could do at home for free. Please, I don't mean any disrespect to the hair salon artists out there when I say this. I completely value their work, and of course I plan to go back to the salon for major trims/shaping as they are needed once the growing out process begins. The only major risk I can think of when doing it myself at home is if I use crappy clippers, which would of course risk creating split and gnarly ends. Are there any other risks that I'm missing? Anyone else out there do their own big chop? Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

As far as I know there aren't any other risk to cutting your own hair.... except that it might look uneven, if your hair grows like that and you aren't cutting your hair into a TWA (those usually seem to come out pretty even). There are a BUNCH of people - transitioners and TWA havers - on youtube that big chopped their hair if you are looking for inspiration. I'm also planning to BC my own hair once it's gets longer. My opinion, get some new good hair cutting scissors just in case and have at it :) Good luck