Big chop 3a/3b What will happen?

Im 16, with some very large a bit past shoulder length 3A/mostly 3B curly hair, I've bleached my ends a crap ton because I dye my hair random colors so my ends where ridiculously fried so I cut off the dead straight crispy parts and I still have some bleached parts left that I still dye, and I got layers recently that arnt looking so hot because my hair now looks like it's in two parts (hah), but I really just want to cut it all off, just a cute short style, I like cute bobs, pixie cuts and undercuts but I'm so nervous to cut it off because I've had a huge chop before I knew what to do with my hair and it was so bad, and my hair changes alot, and I'm still going to bleach and dye it no changing that but I just want tips and tricks and best short hairstyles for my type of hair, I adds some pictures of the styles that I LIKE not necessarily what my hair will actually do thanks guys :)

1 Answer

You sound very adventurous with your hair, which is great, especially at 16. I can't think of a better way to express your personal style and creativity than through experimenting with your curly locks. My answer to your question is that there is no perfect style.  Curls of all shapes, sizes and yes, even colors look great with the same textured hair silhouettes.  I don't think there are one or two or even six excellent ways to rock big waves and curls.  I would recommend taking these images that reflect your desired look to a qualified curly hair stylist in your area and discussing your best options during a consultation, which is a great way to figure out if you're comfortable with your stylist before you take the plunge.  Don't know a good stylist? Make Yelp your best friend.  You can search curly hair salons for local options, and check out reviews.  If I were you, I'd look for a DevaCurl trained stylist in your area.  Good luck!