After big chop care: Tips?

Hiya!Ok, i did this: i big chopped as my hair were completely fried post bleaching (i know. BAD mistake, BlondieDream is not meant to be blonde at all, now i've learn it) and i am.that's me, just after i got out of the salon's chair.As you see, there are still bleached ends, as the hairdresser did not wanted to shave me completely off, and they will get cutted during my already planned 3-months regular trims.So....what now? How do i take care of my hair to see them grow out all bouncy and healthy again? 

2 Answers

You definitely need to treat your hair so  the ends will have some manageability and youll be able to retain length. I would recommend using the Shea Moisture Raw Shea Butter Shampoo and Conditioner with their JBCO treatment masque. I recently bleached my hair (twice) and dyed it bc my stylist didn't do a great job and these worked incredibly well. Also you may want to do a deep penetrating protein treatment that will restore the damage on the cuticle layer of your hair; for that aphogee two step treatment is great. 
Moisture. the great thing about short hair is that you can get it wet more often without the hassle of a long drying time. i used add my leave -in, some gel and let it be and if i need to wash the build up out in the morning i do that