Big Chop or No Big Chop????

I have been transitioning for 5 months. I've seen amazing results but I still have a billion different textures on my head! The only thing I can do with my hair is a bantu knot out and I think my hair is getting tired of that...I'm running out if options! HELP!

4 Answers

It seems like most girls on here who do the big chop are really really really glad they did. Hopefully some who have done it will weigh in here.
As a big chopper, I must say it IS invigorating. Especially because I was just as frustrated with my hair as you. I did it for my self esteem. And I have been happy ever since. Think about how your life would be after you big chop and how it would be handling the hair you have now for however long you plan.I just really want to say, do it for you. Do it to make your life happier, less stressed, more productive. But if you can't really see it getting much better, then switch it up with extensions. Or at least something to give your hair a break and for you to get more time to think
although we all support your decision if you DO choose to big chop again (yay!), you don't have to resort to that. try doing 2-strand twists or protective styling like wigs, braids, etc. to give your natural hair a break. just moisturize your hair really well and practice the LOC method regularly.Here's the LOC method, in detail-
I did the big chop. I think it'd been around a year that I'd been transitioning. It was easier afterwards because even though I still have many different patterns, straight wasn't one so I didn't have to worry about straight ends anymore.