Can someone tell me what my hair texture is?

So i recently did the big chop and now im curious to know what my hair texture is. I feel like its in the 4a range but im not sure its about and inch long if i stretch it and the curls are circular about the size of a straw/pencil. its really easy to comb through dry or wet (mind you its only an inch long..) and I am mixed race (Romanian and Guyanese) if that makes a difference ill include a pick of my hair we no products or anythinglet me know what you think!and maybe some suggestions for products/routines  

2 Answers

The best way to get started understanding and indentifying your hair texture type is to take the hair type quiz:HairType Quiz
I've never been really good at this hair typing thing, but to me it looks 3c/4a-ish? With that being said, it's beautiful!!