Curl Pattern After Big Chop

I big chopped 4 days ago and when I wash my hair I can see gorgeous curls in the middle of my hair, but on the outside part it's just looks like a fro. I know curls don't immediately show up after big chop but how long should it take for my curls to finally settle in? How long did it take for you guys? 

2 Answers

I never really big chopped. I sort of transitioned. I did cut a lot of my hair off because of a bad experience with weave but I wasn't heatless at first. My curls were always there because of my curl type but they were a different texture until my relaxed/ straightened ends grew out. I think it depends on your hair. Everyone will have a different time frame. I transitioned for like a year before my hair started to look the way I wanted it to.  
If you want to create uniform curls then fingercoils would be a great option for a TWA, which I assume you have. I am not sure how long you transitioned before big chopping. Check out our Top 6 Curl Defining Techniques article.