Daring to Try a Pixie???

I don't know if my hair/face type will work with a pixie cut. (Attached is a picture of me with my hair done). I am somewhere between a 2B and 2C...my hair is a wavy near the top of my head and curlier as it goes down, frizzy, full of volume, and pretty thick.I was thinking of going more towards these types of haircuts (if the links don't work, kinda like a faux hawk/longer pixie): http://www.naturallycurly.com/curltalk/attachments...http://womenhaircutspic.com/wp-content/uploads/201...http://static.naturallycurly.com/wp-content/upload...I want to keep some length on the top especially, and even on the sides. Not a severe undercut.Is my hair just too puffy for this?

3 Answers

You know your hair best. IF you've had some shorter layers or bangs, do they curl at all? My 2b/c curls don't really pop until they are longer! I was more 2a/b when I was short and my hair is fine and low-med density. If you can be sure you'll have a curl pattern go for it b/c the right products can tame the frizz/pouf! If you think it'll be pretty straight???....Are you ready for it to be flatter or require blow drying to look good? Just some thoughts. Only you know the answer.  ;)
I recently cut my hair about 9 inches, and it just seemed to have gained a bit more volume, not necessarily more curls. Hard to tell if it will curl up...I just don't want to look like Shirley Temple or Napolean Dynamite! I will have to talk to my hair stylist and see her opinion (I think she knows my hair better than I do!)
I got kind of a pixie and it looks lovely! There's an undercut on the bottom, and then my hair gets longer assymetrically around my head. I will attach photos (first one is of the day of the haircut, second is the day after when I washed it and styled it). Its a tad bit puffy and kinda flips out, but I'm still working on it!For anyone thinking about getting a short cut, I highly recommend it!!!