Did the big chop on the front of my hair and im scared it wont grow back!

I cut about 2 inches of dead straight hair all over my hair and its been healthier and bouncier ever since. I have 3b hair. I just couldn't take the fact that the front of my hair which was already shorter the the rest of my hair (the rest of my hair is about 4 inches under my shoulder) has so much dead straight pieces so I cut it all of. now its so short its only to my glasses when stretched. Will it ever grow back? How do I spead up the prosses im not asking for long hair but i cant this short i need it to be tucked behind my ear. And also any braid styles i can do to keep it contained?

1 Answer

Protecting your ends and making sure that your hair is moisturized is key. When I don't do these two things, it causes more breakage and minimum amounts of growth to occur. Especially since it's winter, protecting your ends and keeping your hair moisturized will help TONS. :)