does a big chop mean completely bald or just buzz cut or???

I'm a little confused about the term BIg Chop. I am trying to completely cut off all of my hair. (i never had that phase that most South Asian kids had, where their hair was short---i'm mixed, and sitll have ALL my hair from when I was little) my parents however are NOT on board with this idea. I REALLY want to just let my hair grow back---i straight ironed my hair for a couple of years, and then sometimes just left it matted for weeks at a time, uncared for, out of frustration, and then had to rip it apart. I have loads of split ends all up and down, and my hair is a dry mess. I can see the curls underneath that want to come out, but i just don't know what to do. how can i tell if my hair is heat damaged? should i just keep playing with it, until i figure if it's dry or something???

2 Answers

I think when you do ur BC its just about getting rid of the damaged hair and starting fresh to take care of the rest of your hair and/or help new healthier hair to grow. So, if your hair is most damaged up to a certain point because of split ends or processing, cut only to that point, leaving the healthiest hair you have and caring for it properly from there. My mom, for example, cut off the complete length of her hair, leaving only an inch or two of hair that was not badly damaged by processing.
Big Chop is a matter of interpretation; it doesn't necessarily mean shaving your head. Realistically it means you're cutting off more than an amount that defines a trim. For example, I had waist length relaxed hair and my first BC from that length was to my shoulders. But for most people a Big Chop is cutting down to a few inches or a buzz cut because they're starting from scratch with their hair instead of cutting it off in phases as it grows. Some people find it easier.