Does anyone recommend a deva curl stylists near/in the Boston, MA area?

I'm a novice at this kind of stuff :/ I have never gotten my hair professionally cut and I really have no idea how to style/ care for my hair. about a little over 2 years ago I cut my hair myself on new years day and it was cute (at the time) It looked similar to a layered bob. Over time the front of my hair has gotten REALLY long while the back has 2 weird layers (bottom of my hair grows downward with looser curls while the crown is tight curls that grow outward ) similar to this photo but on a more dramatic scale). I'm in dire need a REALLY GOOD CUT. PLEASE HELP!!!(p.s my hair is a mix between and 3c/4a)

1 Answer

Shan Hair in Boston is an awesome curly salon that can certainly help!