What made you finally go through with the big chop?

Hello!For so long I wanted long hair. I tried to grow it out but every time I went to get my hair trimmed, the stylist would take off more than just the dead ends. Back then I hated my hair so I either straightened it or it was slicked back in a ponytail. I didn't know what else to do with it.I stopped getting haircuts for a long period of time until it grew out. Now I have long hair but I don't do anything with it. There's too much hair and it's a little hard to manage, so I try not to anger the beast lol. Anyways, I feel like I need a change with my hair but at the same time I don't want to change anything.I look at girls with short hair with envy. I kind of want to cut my hair to about shoulder length. But I also feel like my hair is an accomplishment and I just need to figure out hard to take care of it better. I also kind of want bangs but I also kind of want to grow my bangs out.I really wish that life was like the Sims where I could just go to the mirror and change my hair to be long, short, any color, any style lol.My question is, if you were conflicted like I am, what finally caused you to get the big chop?If it helps, my hair is about a 2C however the weight of my long hair causes it to be more of a 2B. It goes pretty far down my back, at least halfway. While I had shoulder length hair before, I never styled it curled so I don't know how it will look. And I think that's why I hesitate, because it is such a big change and if I don't like it, I don't know how long it would take to grow out.If you have any advice, it's greatly appreciated!Thanks for listening to me ramble. :)

1 Answer

I have always wanted long hair and struggled to get it because I didn't know how to take care of it so I would get split ends, straw like hair that forced me to cut it short. I did get it long and got it relaxed. I was happy and didn't want to cut but the time came to where I had curly hair up to chin or a bit lower and straight all the way down my back. One stylist told me what is this mess you have 3 options, cut it short, straighten it or curly it. I gave a a thought and 2 months later got it cut short. I almost cry and promised not to do anything to it and let it grow, and I did. But couldn't keep my promise and got the ends bleached and dyed. Any chemical is too hard on my hair and it basically killed my ends, so I cut it in stages until the point it was shoulder length and I had one inch of bleached hair. At that point for the last removal cut I decided I wanted a new look and got it really short about chin length. This time wasn't so shocking because I did it by stages.I do understand you, it's finally long you wanted like that and it took time to get to that point. But at the same time you want a change. I recommend you don't go for the drastic change at once. Get a cut keeping a length around the bra area, just get the split ends cut and get it layered. If you feel you want it shorter go back a few months later and do it. But first is to find a stylist you trust so getting a moderate cut will be the perfect first step to get to trust and find the right stylist. A change is good but do it when you are 100% sure.Good luck