How to Fix This Pixie??

So these past couple of months, I've been wanting to get a pixie cut just like Cristina's, an editor on naturallycurly (video for reference: )Yesterday I finally went to the salon. My stylist, however, barely looked at any pictures I showed him and cut my hair into a weird half-bob, half-pixie; when I asked for something shorter, he insisted it had to stay below my ears or else it would stick out sideways like a triangle. I wanted to trust his expertise and experience, but it was very fast and impersonal; the hair cut was finished within 10 minutes. I'm trying to appreciate the shape/etc. he created but I also know that the next time I get it cut, I want it much shorter.I've attached some pictures of my hair currently and I was wondering what you guys think of the length he left it at. I was also wondering whether you'd suggest I should get it shorter next time I get a trim, or was my stylist right about this being the shortest it can get? From watching some naturallycurly videos, it's my understanding that even when my hair is shorter and would stick out as it grows, I can use bobby pins/products to slick it down on the sides/back. I would much rather have the sides and back cut extremely short than having them awkwardly long.If anyone has had a pixie and faced similar problems, I would love to hear from you. Right now my hair looks like a pixie that's been growing out for several months; if anyone also has styling tips, I would greatly appreciate it.

2 Answers

Hi Shilpa,I know how nerve-wracking that trip to the salon can be, and I'm really sorry to hear your experience didn't go to plan! If you want to go shorter then I think you should go shorter. My advice would be to find a stylist who has a lot of experience with pixie cuts, particularly someone who has done a pixie cut on thick, wavy/curly hair before. The best way to do this is to look at photos of their portfolio and find examples of curly pixie cuts in their portfolio that you like. In my experience the stage your hair is at right now, you're still able to tuck hair behind your ears and the hair still points downward and stays pretty close to your head, but when my hair was shorter than your hair it was actually growing outward and I had to straighten it with a mini travel straight iron to get the hair to point down. Your stylist may have been trying to prevent that from happening to you. When my hair was very short on the back and sides (less than half an inch, sometimes buzzed short), it stayed pretty close to my head and achieved the shape I wanted, when my hair started to grow out I had trouble with it growing outwards (when it was about 1 inch long on the back and sides) so I had to train the hair to stay down by using bobby pins. Then when it got to about 1.5-2 inches I could use a mini flat iron to point the hair downwards. All this to say, it may be a little tricky getting your hair to do what you want when you go shorter, but I still think it's worth going shorter.You can look for stylists in your area using the salon finder, type in your city or zip code and read reviews of stylists before you go to them. hope this helps!
I once had a much shorter pixie cut and while my hair is not thick, it is curly and it was actually very easy to style and arrange the curls..NOW growing it back out is a different story! Growing it out was the WORSE for that very reason, so I'd ask your self how long you plan to have this cut.. if its for a few years then I'd say go for it.. If just for a spell, then I'd say don't go shorter.. Good luck!