Growing out after 3 years of a curly pixie cut!

So since I was about 15 I've kept my hair very short- I have very crazy hair and I never knew what to do with it, just kept it plaited as a child. When I first got it cut I then started dyeing it and straightening it! The last time I bleached it was about a year ago now. The last time I got it cut was December back to a pixie, since then I've let it grow and trimmed the ends once... I've decided after 3 years I'd love to have my long curls back and take proper care of them! Any tips on growing out a pixie, increasing hair growth without vitamins etcetera and taking care of longer curly hair? At the minute I use frizease curl defining conditioner and mouse.

2 Answers

- There is no way to increase your hair without vitamins. I mean if you mean without taking a vitamin, you need to be sure you are intaking ALLLLL of the nutrients, minerals, and vitamins you need. Most people are generally lacking somewhere in their diet hence the vitamin. - Patience so essential. Try to focus on maintaining healthy hair not so much getting long hair. Healthy hair grows.- Knowledge is definitely power. Don't only focus on your curl pattern. There are other things are more essential that you need to know. These things will help you determine what products you need to use and are best for you and your growth. Porosity, density, strand width, and length will help. You can read up on what you need to know here.- Water is life bro. Lol I know its a cliche thing to say and something everyone knows but how often do we listen? Water intake is essential in health and in healthy hair growth. Try to intake your weight in ounces of water if you can daily.- Trim or dust when needed. Do not cut your hair or trim your hair if you do not need to. If it is not broken dont fix it. In the curly hair community and the natural hair community, women think that not trimming is some type of omen or curse; that your hair wont grow unless you cut it. Your hair cant thrive on split ends, so when you have split ends and damaged hair, you cut it for healthy hair leading to healthy hair growth. If there is no damage to cut, cutting your hair will slow down your process not speed it up.- If it works for you already, keep using it. You can keep using the same products you are now if they work for you. You dont need to change up everything unless theres a specific concern you have about your hair and what youre using isnt working for it.- Come up with a consistent routine if you havent already. It doesnt need to be anything elaborate. Just make sure youre washing your hair, conditioning your hair, moisturizing your hair, and protecting your hair to retain length. You can choose how many times you do these things according to what works best for you. For example with me: Wash or COwash once a week-week and a half, deep condition once a week, LCO method for moisturizing on wash day and refreshing throughout the week as I see fit, wrap my hair at night with a satin scarf and sleeping on a satin pillow case for protection (pineapple method). I hot oil once every week to two weeks. That is my hair regimen.- Stick the basics. You really only need the basics in your product arsenal. Shampoo, rinse-out conditioner, leave in conditioner, moisturizer, oil, deep conditoner. Gel isnt essential but if thats your thing then there's one more.- Moisture, moisture, moisture! You can use the LOC, LCO, LOCO methods for moisture. You can pick whichever is best for you, but I love these because its a sure way to infuse moisture into your hair each time without confusing your self.L: Leave in condioner O: Oil C: Cream (or in some cases your hair milk - it's really just the moisturizer) I LCO (leave in, cream, oil to seal in moisture) because this works better for me than the infamous LOC. I may switch up the products I use but I go in this order every time. If i want to add serum or gel I do it after the oil.- Hot oil treatments with scalp massages can help. As I'm sure you know, stimulating your scalp can help accelerate hair growth. Hot oil treatments are perfect for this however often you see fit. Rosemary, Jamaican black castor oil, coconut oil, peppermint oil, and lavender oil are all awesome for these. You can use any oil you would like. I have my own oil infusion with horsetail extract for my treatments.- Handle your hair with care. If you read this it'll tell you how to care for your hair at its length now. This is important because over-manipulation of hair is one of the main causes women don't see growth. Your hair IS growing but its breaking from doing too much to it.- Use the right tools. Old tshirts to dry your hair, satin scarf or bonnet and pillowcase to protect your hair at night, butterfly hair clips when your hair grows out, widetooth comb and denman brush for detangling, showercap or plastic bags or a hooded dryer for your deep conditioning sessions, bobby pinnnnnsssss gurllllluh. Bam. Lol.  Most of these things you wont even need until your hair grows out longer than the pixie. I hope this helps love :)
i agree, these methods are best. try and keep curls moisturized, keep up with the trims , low manipulation, gentle detangling are the key parts in growing hair faster. oh! and try and stay away from harmful bleaches, dyes and straighteners but once in a blue moon it should be fine. patiences is also a big must!