What hair cut style would look good on my hair? (I would like my curly hair to be at my shoulders)

Hello,I am looking to get my hair cut so that the curls end at my shoulders or a few inches (1 in - 3 in) past my shoulders. I have read that short layers are the way to go to avoid getting triangular hair. I have also looked into a devacut. I am not interested in getting a devacut because I like to straighten my hair occasionally. Any suggestions of hair cuts that would look good for medium length curly hair (and look fine straightened) is appreciated! I have attached photos of my hair at different angles so that you can get a better feel for my natural hair. I am a curl type 3B. In the photos, I have light product in my hair and my hair has been scrunched. If you have experience with curly hair and short layers, please let me know your thoughts about them. For example, does it dramatically increase the volume? Can I see pictures (I have looked online and have not found a lot)? Do you think it would look good on me? (I do not like super big hair)Hair pictures if uploaded photo does not show:http://imgur.com/a/Fhzad 

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