will hair that has been thinned by detangling grow back?

hello!  So my hair suffered severe damage from being detangled and blow dried dry before braiding. I keep the braids for 2 weeks then took them out from fear of the damage. Obviously I head some slight heat damage but worst of all I had thinning from the rough handling. I did a mini big chop in a tapered cut because I could not stand touching my thin hair knowing how DENSE it was before but I'm curious to know if the hairs I lost will grow back? Also I still have some looser curled pieces from the damage. I've got a good regimen and that was the only time I use heat on my hair in years. Im hoping to just grow the heat damage out with the hair cut.I just want my healthy hair back! (Not too concerned with length) also never trusting a stranger again and following my gut. 

1 Answer

If your hair was dense and thick before, I don't see why it wouldn't grow back in and return to its healthy state if you keep caring for it as you did before. Obviously I can't be certain about your specific case but our hair usually continues its normal growth cycle unless deep damage has been done. Thankfully it was not chemical damage. While it may take some time to thicken back up, but it shouldn't be a problem.You may want to try massaging the thinned area on your scalp with some Jamaican Black Castor Oil. Many people seem to have had success with this improving growth in thinned areas and I notice it seems to make the hair at least appear thicker. I hope that helps!