My hair use to be curly, type 3a, Its heat damaged, what do I do?

Im Male and have an undercut. My friend pressured me into straightening my hair. After she did it it came out very dry, frizzy and straight. Its no a day ater ive washed my hair and shampooed it but it dried out straight and just as frizzy as before. Do i chop it off? Is there any hope?

2 Answers

You need to deep condition it and use product that give it more moisture. You can use olive, coconut, or grapeseed oil on your hair and let it sit 30 min before washing. That should help with moisture but also using Shea Moisture brand will be helpful as they are super moisturizing and don't have any bad ingredients or harsh detergents. If you aren't into that much hair care then I would suggest cutting it. Hope that helps.
I also experience heat problems. try rinsing with cold water each time you can and also on a Sunday night I section my hair into three parts ( sides and back) then I apply a few drops of olive oil to each section then comb or brush it through. then you can either plop, pineapple or leave it when you go to sleep and rinse in morning with cold water and continue as normal. ( sometimes best to use a heat protectant to stop future damage from UV rays and styling tools)