What haircut will be healthiest?

I shaved my head 6 months ago, (long story!) now I have 9 cm all over. My hair is a mix of 3a and 3b curls, the tightest ones in the lower back of my head. I've had long hair before, but it always ended up brutally dry and with split ends, I put in loads of layers and couldn't get control over it. No hairdressers knew how to handle it (live in Scandinavia, most here have fine, straight hair).So now I want to grow it out, really long like mid back/hip length- if it can stay healthy, but this time I won't be using neither heat nor hairspray nor messing around with bad hairstyles.What do you think is the best cut and the best timing of cutting it? I'm thinking either I trim regularly on the back until the upper layers reach the bottom or I wait till it's all long enough to chop off evenly straight across at chin length?I really do want to have it cut without layers, and yes, it does look funny at above shoulder length (pyramid!) but once it reaches under shoulders, it's brilliant, shiny, thick, lush and healthy looking.Any advice will be so appreciated :)

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