How to handle post- big choped hair?

Hello I am 15,I have been straightening my natural hair(my hair is aroun the 4a,b,c) for 4-5 years. Fortunately, I have been going to the hair dressers every month to get it treated and pressed.   I want to transition to natural hair. I would prefer to not have the big chop. Natural afro hair will be so new to me and my mum says if I go natural she will refuse to help me. I was wondering I could have some advice? I know I am doing my hair great injustice and I want long, beautiful, full natural hair. 

1 Answer

After washing your hair, is it back to it's curly state? Since you have been straightening your natural hair for so long, I would say it may likely be damaged so wear braids for a little while as your roots grow out. Cutting your hair a little bit at a time while your curly hair grows back out should work just as well as a big chop would. Good luck:)