Is having a big chop a smart choice?

So on June 2nd or June 3rd, I plan on going to a hair salon to do a big chop and here is my reasons why. 1. I need to start over with my hair, I haven't been taking care of it.2. I have a lot of split ends3.My hair is frizzy and I can't deal with it when it's longer4. I want to improve the health of my hairWill doing a big chop solve these things

1 Answer

1. It should help you to be able to start over. Health will only be improved if you start to take better care of your hair.2. Cutting your hair should get rid of your split ends. Taking care of your hair and not doing things that it doesn't like will keep them away.3. I'm not sure that it will help with frizz. Your hair may just be naturally frizzy or it may be lacking moisture. I would recommend using heavier holding gels (if you're using one at all) and trying to switch up your moisturizing routine. If you can deal with it while shorter, than making it shorter should help.4. Getting rid of the split ends will assist in that, but you should look into changing your regimen if you want to maintain your hair's health.Ultimately, I'd say that a big chop would help, but you have to make sure to take more care of your hair.