Heat damage help

i have heat damage on my 3c hair and i had hair that was up to my shoulders, i cut my hair above shoulder length so i didnt completely get rid of the damage. Im 14 and my parents wont allow me to cut my hair very short but ive given up on my hair at this point and thats all i want to do! I cant even do wash and go's and it really sucks! All i want is healthy bouncy curls but idk what to do, i feel like i HAVE to BC my hair to get healthy hair. Ive given up and idk what to do. Please send advice or tips!

1 Answer

It's important to get rid of damaged hair. Once it's damaged, you can't fix it or make those parts healthy again. But what you can do is keeping the rest of your hair healthy. Damaged hair might lead to tangles and knots and you don't want your healthy hair to get damaged as well! You don't need to cut it all off but trim the damaged parts. Try talking to your parents and give them the pros of cutting the damaged parts. After all, shorter healthy hair is better than damaged longer hair. Once it's healthy then it will grow longer by itself. Embrace your curls. Good luck!