HELP! Am I a 4A/4B!?

Hey! I did the Big Chop about 3 weeks ago, but I am unsure as to whether my hair is a 4A or 4B. I think I have eliminated 4C because I have a very definitive curl pattern when dry (right from the root) and my hair is not cotton like. It is curly more so than coily. Most of the African (Ghanaian/Nigerian) women in my family/ that I know have 4C hair, and I have struggled to identify my hair type with theirs; so I wonder how I ended up with this hair; but i LOVE it, and I would greatly appreciate all help, and also advice on how to retain moisture and curl pattern! Thank you x

2 Answers

My hair is like yours! But idk my hair type too, i'm trying to figure it out. When my hair is dry it appears frizzy but when I fingercomb my hair I can feel loads of mini curls and if i pull them I can see them. They look like s curls and are springy
you may be 4a when your hair grows out more.