Please help! Should I really do the Big Chop???

Okay so my hair is pretty damaged since I relaxed it I think about a year ago. Since than I haven't used heat at all on my hair. But in the past I had coloured my hair once (red highlights), relaxed it (2-3), and used heat (but not a lot). I really want to see the potential of my curly hair but, I don't know whether to do the Big Chop or just let my hair grow out. My hair is pretty frizz when it's dry, it's wavy and a bit curly. I once found a slit end while look at my hair. I trimmed it off but since than haven't found any. When my hair is damp you can see that my hair near my scalp is thicker but the ends are straight and thin. My is hair also so uneven which I hate. On the top centre of my hair there some hair strands that are really short. Also at the back of my head my hair is really thin and there not a lot of hair which I think is weird. I'm really frustrated with my hair and want to cut it off (so my hair is all the same length) but I know I will regret it because my hair takes forever to grow. Also I told my mom the idea of cutting my hair or shaving it off and she said no because my hair takes a long time to grow. So what do you think I should do and how do I convince my mom to let me do it?  

1 Answer

If you feel you really want to big chop do it. But be sure. I did it and never felt better but some people regret it if they do it sporadically...really just depends on you. Transitioning is an option dont forget that