Help! Newly short nightmare haircut

Help! I have a totally unexpected conundrum as a veteran-curly-hair-owner: I learned to manage and style my (naturally very dry and poofy) curly hair as a teenager and have been on a steady upward learning curve ever since. As a teen my hair was past my shoulders but while I had mastered styling the 3A/3B top layer, the underneath layers, which are a frizzy 2B, would never quite cooperate. In my 20s, to avoid dealing with the more difficult 2B texture I started keeping my hair shorter (somewhere between chin and shoulder length). Over the last few years I finally let my hair grow past my shoulders again and discovered hair oil and the twist-out method, which has finally resulted in my 2B underneath layer curling beautifully, albeit with a lot of work to get there each time I style.While loving my longer hair, I decided to scale back the work-factor and asked my hairdresser of 10 years to bring me back to shoulder length...which he instead interpreted as chin length! Not only that but he cut the easier-to-style 3A/B top layers very short, leaving the basically unstylable (and now very texturized) 2B exposed, resulting in a haircut that somehow makes every shape I have ever hated my hair to make simultaneously, while also being just short enough to not really stay in a ponytail.I've had short hair before, but I am at a complete loss as to how to style this mess, while also unwilling to cut it any more because all I want is my long hair back ASAP.  Any suggestions for what to do other than invest in a lot of hats or a flat iron? Suggestions and commiseration welcome.

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Hi Amarg85, I'm so sorry you don't like your haircut. I've been there before, and the I can tell you that time heals all things. You will get used to it and your hair will grow back! In the meantime, there are some great resources for short curly hair that can help you. I would recommend following Nina Sultan, she's a Youtuber and writer for NaturallyCurly. Here's one of her articles that you may find useful on styling your short hair:'s another good piece on short haircuts, I would scroll down to the part about styling:'s one about sleeping with short curly hair: I hope that helps. With short hair, I would recommend diffusing and pinning with bobby pins until you get the shape that you love. Good luck!