How big of a chop should it be?

Now I'm kind of new to this whole big chop thing and honestly I think it sounds like a great idea, BUT I have 3b hair and I feel like shaving my head really short would make it look really weird. So I was wondering if big chops could be less than shaving it all off? Like does a pixie cut count?

1 Answer

A big chop is just cutting off most if not all of the damaged/permed/etc hair. The altogether length at the end of the day doesn't really matter. So even if you don't cut off all of your "non natural" hair you can still big chop. No you don't have to shave your head and those who do do it because that is their choice. If you want to then that is up to you but it is not mandatory. Yes you can pixie your hair and yes that can be your way off big chopping your hair. I did the exact same thing with my hair. Also if you don't want your hair that short  you can also allow it to grow out to a length you are comfortable with and then big chop. Never big chop unless you know you are ready. Good luck! ^__^