how do you know that it is really your time to big chop?

3 Answers

You know that it is time to do a big chop when your new growth is at a length where you would be comfortable wearing it. Plenty of people rock a TWA, but others like to transition first and then do their big chop. It's a personal choice, but I always recommend just getting it over with. It's an exhilarating experience and 100% natural hair is so much fun to style and play with. It'll grow much faster once the damage is gone as well.
You know it's your time to big chop when you feel like you are ready to love your natural hair texture fully and you are ready for the good or the bad comments that will come your way.
You know it's time whenever you think your ready or you think will be easiest. I did the big chop because my hair was at a length I was comfortable with and some of my relaxed parts were breaking off