How to get rid of heat damaged hair remaining after BC??

So I did a big chop because of severe heat damage and didn't like how the stylist cut my hair. I went to another and he did sort of like a Keyshia Cole haircut where the sides where all shaved but left the middle section somewhat long. I loved it and then once the sides grew out a little, I cut it all even or close to even. The curls that frame the front of my face are 3a but the rest of my hair (mainly the top of my head) is 2a or 2b. I'm assuming it's heat damage that I didn't cut off but no matter what, that hair is not growing curly like it used to. The roots are stick straight so when I leave my hair out curly, I have curls and straight pieces that just poke out. What can I do to revert those pieces of hairs back to curls like the curls that frame my face? Please help!

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