How to increase my curl pattern & "lessen"the shock to my hair?

Just got most of my hair cut off this morning.  My hair is now about 2 inches long while wet.  I have been natural b/f, but messed my hair up from straighten it to much last year.  Most of the hair left on my head is curling up, but not all.  Mainly the hair in the very middle of my head.  I just got a call today for an interview for a job I am interested in.  I don't have time to play around trying to figure out what works best.  I need the curl to increase some in the middle so it doesn't look crazy.  Do you all have any suggestions?  Please share. Will be doing a DT with avocado, mayo and amino acids in the morning tomorrow.  Hoping and thinking this will help.  (I know when I got it shaved off years ago there was no curly, but I was told my hair was in "shock" and to give it a day or two and the curl would be visible. )

2 Answers

Hair can naturally have different curl patterns on different parts of your head. If that's just the way your hair grows, there may not be much you can do about it. Be sure your hair is well-hydrated, and well-cut to compensate for this difference. For the interview, you may need to wear some sort of accessory to mask the different hair pattern. But, really, just let your beautiful personality and whip-smart brain shine through, and they won't even notice your hair!Good luck and keep us posted!
Thanks so much for your response.  Okay, so my hair is a little more curlier, but the middle of  my head does have a looser curl pattern.  Not really a shock I guess I just kind of forgot this or it wasn't as noticeable as the hair grew.  Interview was actually took place this morning by phone.  Hoping to get an in person interview as well.  Wish me luck.  Thanks for the positive thoughts toward me!