I have 3c hair and have been transitioning for 9 months. How short will my hair be if I big chop ?

I have 3c fine but very voluminous and nappy and high porosity hair. I am fed up of transitioning and dreaming about big choping. The problem is that i never had short hair and I am afraid that it wouldn't suit me and that I would be very unhappy. When can I big chop and have a feminine and layered haircut. Even if it's short but at least something feminine, layered and elongated ? Any pictures of big chop after 9/10 months or one year on hair similar to mine ? Thanks in advance for your replies.

1 Answer

It will be above your ears in a curly, shrunken state and to your neck or shoulders when stretched. Most people do not reach shoulder length in a shrunken until 4+ years natural.