I am shaving off my hair, how long will it take to get an inch of hair?

I am cutting off my hair in June and was wondering how long will it take me to grow back an inch? How long until waist length? How should I maintain it while growing it out? I have straight (I've never used a relaxer or anything like that) hair, 3a, 3b, and 3c on my head. 3b is the dominant pattern. What texture would it most likely grow into? My dad has 3b hair, my mom has 4a. 

2 Answers

hair growth rates vary by person. On average, hair grows a half inch every month. Without seeing photos, it's hard to know what your new growth texture will look like. I'm sure it will be healthy and gorgeous!
Wow! What a big and exciting move. If you're getting proper nutrition, you should get about 1/2-inch of growth per month.