I am anxiously waiting to big chop in June. Should I wait or do it now?

My hair is relaxed and colored. My previous hairstylist did an excellent job with the color but didn't maintain the moisture. I knew something was wrong with my hair because it was becoming weak and I couldn't do anything with it. The distance to that stylist was far so I began seeking a closer stylist.  A coworker told me about one only 10 min away from my home who is amazing. Come to find out it was a predominantly "natural" salon. So I tried it and the stylist was so knowledgeable. Needless to say, she told me my hair was over processed and possibly my relaxer had been overlapped. I asked what should I do to get healthy hair again  and that going natural had crossed my mind.. her response was to big chop.  I began researching products, styles, maintenance, etc for natural hair. I instantly became excited and was ready. I've only been post relaxed for two months now and know if I bc now my hair would be short which is ok because I want to enjoy every phase from the twa to the medium length, etc. So, what should I do? Thank you in advance for your response (s).

2 Answers

I would big chop now than later, because the the sooner you chop off the damaged hair, the healthier your hair will be and if your leave your relaxed hair in for too long, it could cause major hair loss.
I cannot see any reason why you should not go ahead and do the big chop! The key thing I was looking for in your question, was whether or not you can handle cropped hair. If you feel like you can and you want the feel of the entire "grow out" experience, GO FOR IT GIRL! Start posting shots on your Social Media pages and solicit support from your peers. There is so much fun to be had with the big chop. The most important piece of advice I can give you before you decide to take this plunge, is to take GREAT care of your hair after you BC. Your hair will be so fresh and strong, be sure to keep it clean ( not squeaky), conditioned regularly and deep condition at least once a month for optimal results okay!