Should I BC my type 3 hair?

I've been transitioning for just a few weeks now. I used to have 3b hair, but years of straightening has turned it into 3b growth with 2c waves starting about halfway down my hair ( my hair goes about 2 inches past my shoulders). Trying to style it is a pain and the change in pattern is pretty noticeable, so I'm wondering if maybe I should just cut it off at the start of the damage. I'm just worried about how short hair would look on my hair type. Any advice? 

1 Answer

Short hair has nearly nothing to do with your hair type and way more to do with the shape of your face, the hair cut you get, and your confidence. That being said, if you are worried about having short hair - do not cut your hair. If you are not confident in the length your roots are - do not cut your hair. DOOOO not cut your hair until YOU are ready. Often times women chop and then hate it because they werent ready.If youre confident now and really ready to big chop then GO for it! If youre happy with the length of your growth now also go for it lol. *Tip* - find out what face shape you have (you can google this if you dont know) and itll tell you tips on hair cuts and how to frame your face, or just google short styles: Short -inserts your hair type here- styles. Doing this could help you figure out a base of the style you want. If you go to a pro hair stylist that know's what theyre doing, they can tweak it to fit you.If you feel like cutting your hair isnt for you yet, keep transitioning. Keep your hair in two braids. You can use curlers or flexi rods to curl your hair without using heat. Just dust your hair and trim as needed You can transition until youre ready.Hope this helps! :)