I will Big Chop my hair. I just need a few words to get through

I have a hair between 3A and 3B, naturally (as I remember it). I have been treating with with chemicals for YEARS. But now, I am 26, and I have gone tired of that. I have become aware that these chemicals are bad, and I do want to recover my natural hair again. I have already tried to let it grow through transition first, but it was umbearable. My roots were curly and frizzy, while the rest of the hair was sharp straight. So I made a Keratin treatment again. But now, I have decided that I want to do the whole thing at once, and recover my natural hair completely from root to end. So I'd have to do the Big Chop, which I am quite excited about, but I know it will take years to get length again. I am also going through a personal transition phase, of knowing and accepting myself, and this is an excellent time to do this. I just need some confidence words. Thank you!

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Is that you? If so: You're gorgeous!You can handle it this time! It's a big step but it will be worth it. Length can always come back but healthy, natural hair is what's most important. Good luck on your journey!
I will upload a picture of how it went! Thank you!!
It is done!!