Should I big chop!? Heres my story...

Hello curly beauties!I'm interested in doing the big chop, but I'm afraid! I don't know what my hair type is. For years while I was in elementary school and part of middle school, my mom was taking care of my hair. I spent most of my childhood with relaxed hair. I look at pictures of my hair when I was about 7-8 years old and my hair was long and beautiful. I am 18 and, of course, my hair texture is probably not the same. My hair seems like it hasn't recovered from the relaxers years ago. When i stopped relaxing my hair, I kept straightening my hair. I stopped frequently straightening my hair about 5 years ago (Im a college freshman now. There is something going on with my hair. It doesn't curl and is thin. I also shed a lot. I doubt that this has anything to do with my diet. I eat a well balanced diet. I want to start fresh with my hair but almost nobody supports me. I want to big chop with leaving about 3 or 4 inches of hair (twa). What should I do? 

1 Answer

I would say go for what makes you happy. If you want long beautiful natural hair, and you think a big chop will help you, do what you want to on YOUR head. If you want to know the truth, my parents did not support my big chop and stopped paying for my trips to the salon after I got it cut. But I found this website and started doing my own hair.