When I big chop I don't want weird layers/levels?

Hi,I am thinking about big chopping soon, but I do not want awkward levels too my hair, meaning that the hair near the front of my face grows much slower thank the back. So when I big chop I don't want the front to be short and the back long. I want it all even. Shoukd I just never big chop and just cut off the ends every few months until eventually I'm natural? Please help. How do I avoid this? Thank you x

1 Answer

Ultimately, you'd have to decide what you want to do on your own. That being said, if you really want to big chop and really feel like you need all your curls to be even, you could just cut the ones in the back to the same length as the ones in the front.... but I'm assuming you big chopping from a transition and because it seems like you do care about length, I don't think you'll want to cut your curls shorter. Also, if they're growing slower, it seems likely that they'll stay growing slower so you'll always be having to cut the back to match the front. Second course of action,  you can BC the back and wait for the front to grow before you BC it. I don't recommend you doing this though since it's gonna be more difficult dealing with big natural part and a transitioning two texture part.Lastly, you could just try and embrace the shape and getting a cut that works the length disparities well without having to cut off large amounts. You could even try stretching the curls in the front, but they may seem loser (less uniform) with the one in the back and, if you use heat, you risk heat damage. Hope this helped!