should i big chop now or wait.

1 Answer

There's not really a way to answer this in a yes or no form. It all depends on how you feel about your hair and the commitment you're ready for. I'd say if you aren't going to be confident with a TWA ("teenie weenie Afro" or short hair) then No. If you are having mixed emotions about cutting right now and your mind isn't CONFIDENTLY made up, then no. If you aren't committed to attempting to style your hair now then No lol. If you don't mind cutting off your transitioning ends now and are confident and happy with the length the natural part of your strands are, then yes. If you have accepted the responsibility and feel you are patient enough for the journey you're about to enter (by journey I mean product battles, learning a perfect wash and go may be ruined by a nice warm HUMID day lol, that was works for everyone won't work for you, that your hair may grow faster or slower than others etc), then yes. Your big chop should be done when YOU are ready. If you aren't I would continue to transition until I was comfortable :).Hope this helps lol, xo.