I big chopped a month ago why wont my hair grow?

I cut all my damaged hair off and did the big chop over a month ago, my hair still wont grow! I even moisturize daily, take hair vitmains, extra biotin and a multivitamin and I use  a growth oil, I also cowash my hair everyother day because it seems to be more moisturize when I do that then seal with a natural butter after but it still wont grow!!! Not a cm nor inch.... Please help me... When my hair was longer, dry, and damaged it honestly would take years to notice growth so... I really don't understand because now my hair is healthier than its ever been. I also am only 17 so I dont want to wait that long again to see growth, especially because I don't see anything wrong with my routine. are there any solutions? Also im between 4c and 4b

1 Answer

Sounds like you're doing the right things. Remember that hair on the average grows only ½" per month--that's 6" in a year, and growth isn't always steady. At certain times it's slower or faster. Be patient, enjoy some YouTube videos on ladies rocking teeny weenie Afro styles (you'd be surprised how many different ways you can wear it short!) and have fun-- if you're not experiencing breakage, IT WILL GROW. (And don't fall for products that make wild claims to grow your hair faster-- it grows only as fast as it grows