I big chopped a month but I don't know what to do so far as a hair regimen/routine

I think I have 3c hair but it's always frizzy except for a couple really defined curls throughout my head. I do twist outs and finger could but they take so long I just want nice defined curls and I know I need patience but I also need to train my hair, what should I do daily weekly and monthly? 

1 Answer

Good morning AlihahxTee,I am a fellow big chopper! When I first big chopped, fingercoils were my go-to style! It took me about 45min-1hr to install but they lasted for a week. I suggest using SheaMoisture Curl and Style Milk to moisturize and styling with Eco Styler gel or Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel (thebomb.com). I always styled in the morning so it could air dry throughout the day. Styling them at night could give you a smooshed style in the morning. At night I simply put a bonnet on my head! I only moisturized/refreshed in the morning because I did not want the coils to reshape at night from re-wetting them. When my hair reached the awkward stage (not long enough for a ponytail but I had not mastered my wash and go) I evolved to the flat-twist out queen! This allowed me to have the flexibility for stretch and pinned styles. Let me know if you have any more questions!Best,Amanda