I am big chopping tomorrow, do you have any advice? I'm really scared!

I'm 18, and I've gotten the go-ahead from my mom to go natural (as I'm going to college this fall). I tried to transition a few years back and (I THINK I have 3b hair from what I saw of the new growth), but it was tricky for me to take care of two textures. I know very little about how to care for my own hair and my mom is the same way, so we made a deal that I would wait ntil I was 18.I bought a bunch of Cantu products for like $35. I got shampoo, Co-wash, conditioner, curly cream, revitalizing spray, and holding spray. And it still feels like I didn't get everything I needed!! What type of regimen should I follow? How do I take care of my hair in college? I think I will be living in a dorm with a hallway communal bath. I might be living in a suite, but I put the one with the hallway bath as my preference. What are some things I should avoid? How do I build confidence with a bald head? I have a really big head!!My bad for this being all over the place. I'm nervous and excited to start this journey!!

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