How do I get my curls back after getting a major haircut?

I had waist length 2c-3a hair that mainly curled from my shoulder down. I wanted a change, so I made a big decision and got it cut just above my shoulders. I thought that the lighter weight would enhance my curls, allowing them to move up toward the root, but now they're all gone! My hair stylist said that the hair I had cut was of course years older than the hair that remains, and so the texture could have changed. But is there any advice to getting my curls back?? I miss them so much since I had just finally begun to understand how to treat them. 

1 Answer

I also recently cut my hair, and I was so upset when I thought that my curls were 'gone.' What helped me was scrunching and using a good curl defining product- I started to use Herbal Essences Totally Twisted Curl Boosting Mousse and it's helped me get more curls. If all else fails, your hair will grow longer and probably get back to curly as it does so.