I cut 11 in. off my hair 2 donate and now I'm having trouble keeping my shoulder length curls up.

I have 2c hair and I thought cutting would give the curls a boost but it didn't. Suggestions? Should I have cut it?

2 Answers

If you feel like cutting your hair, go for it.  My tip is to get metal hair curling clips and wrap your hair around two fingers like you are forming a pin curl. Then, put your clip where your fingers are and pin your hair with a clip.
If your curls aren't forming the way you would like them to, what I typically do for this is when your hair is wet or damp apply some product with good hold (I prefer curl creams) and rub it in between your hands, then scrunch the product through your hair. This encourages the curls to form and gives them hold to stay that way. After that, try not to touch it while it air dries. Alternatively a diffuser can help your curls form too.There's also a chance that your hair has a couple of different curl patterns, so while it may be 2c on one section of your head it may be naturally looser like a 2a on other parts, in which case that hair just won't curl as much. Hope that helps!