When I cut my hair short, it poofs. Can I get a pixie cut without having a poofy ball upon my head?

I would love to cut my 3A hair into a pixie cut but as my hair gets shorter it gets, the curlier it gets which sometimes ends up in a poofy triangle mess /\. Can I get a pixie cut that will work?

3 Answers

If you're cutting it yourself and this happens, I'd suggest looking up some curly hair cutting tutorials or asking a trusted stylist for some tips. Remember to cut the curls diagonal to avoid split/tapered ends, and cut your hair *dry* so you're seeing the actual length. It also sounds like you might want to layer it, so you don't end up with more on the bottom and less on top, which leads to the pyramid look.If this is happening from salon cuts, you just need a stylist with more curly hair expertise! I had this same issue as well, which is VERY common when it comes to curly haircuts. If your stylist cuts your hair the way they cut a straight-haired person's, you'll end up with that triangle, or the 'pyramid' as it's also known. Just make sure to specify that when you go in for your cut, otherwise you'll either be left to a) deal with it or b) cut more, neither of which are fun options to have to choose from! :(
UH YEA!! I suggest Everyone get their hair cut super short once in their life time! I have the SAME hair type as you and I got a pixie cut about a month ago. It's fantastic! The picture I'm going to show you is a before and after. The reason my hair looks not as curl before is because I had it up in a bun, so it stretched out my curls. But I love my pixie cut and I don't think I could ever go long again.
I went to get a pixie cut but the stylist kept telling me I need a keratin treatment. I have cut my hair in my own before do I knew that wasn't true. She cut the sides with scissors while still wet. Then she attemped to blow out the top AFTER ALREADY CUTTING MY SIDES AND BACK DOWN. I had to go home and wash my hair ALL OVER AGAIN to get my natural 3c/4a texture to return once I did that is when I could tell that she had NOOOO IDEA WHAT SHE WAS DOING. I had to fix it on my own : (. So make sure you go to a curly hair expert or someone close to it.The pics below are my natural wet and go before my cut. Blown out during. And natural after I fixed it on my own.The single pic is right after rewetting my hair you can see the right side is longer