Should I cut my long hair to a pixie?

I have a mix of 2a and 2b hair, and I've always hated the length of it so for the past year its been up in a ponytail or bun. My mom says it'll turn into an afro if cut short, but I think she's just trying to get me out of the idea (she thinks all girls with pixie cuts are lesbian. sigh). What do you guys think? Also, if you think its okay, what do recommend I do for humidity or huge curls...? Thanks!! (btw, sorta odd photos, i know. only selfies ive got)also, URGENT!!! getting haircut tmw!! please help!

2 Answers

I've seen a lot of people with curly/wavy hair get pixies and they are cute. NOT poofy. Before you cut your hair look for pics of curly pixies to see what you want to look like. Hope that helps. 
I think your hair will look amazing in a pixie. It definitely won't turn into an don't have that texture. Your hair is very similar to our senior editor's hair, and she got a pixie about a year ago. I think you will have similar results. :) For humidity, use glycerin free products as well as anti-humectant products. You will see less frizz and less stickiness that comes with humidity.  Hope I'm not too late!